100,000 vipids and counting
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Dear Customers! You have created 100 000 vipids during the last few month !!! VipID team thank you for being loyal and wish a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

24 Dec 2011

Vipids cooking disabled for 2 hours.
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New vipids cooking is disabled due to power issues at our data center. We'll be back in 2 hours. Sorry for any inconveniences this might cause.

12 Dec 2011

Vipid is back up
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Vipid is back up and fully functional.

15 Sep 2011

Vipids rendering disabled today.
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Vipids cooking will be disabled today for a several hours.

13 Sep 2011

Ongoing maintenance jobs next two days.
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Ongoing maintenance jobs next two days. Vipids cooking might be unavailable from time to time during this period. Sorry for any inconveniences this might cause.

12 Sep 2011

Let's be friends !
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Don't be shy and join us on Facebook ! Our community page is here: http://www.facebook.com/ivipid

14 Jul 2011

Don't listen to the rumors !
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Don't listen to the rumors ! The truth is here. The truth is Vipid.

13 Jul 2011

New home for vipid!
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Dear Customers, We found a new home for VIPID and are moving to a new domain. Since now your creativity lives here www.ivipid.com. Always yours, Vipid Team

11 Jul 2011

We're moving servers
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We're moving our servers to new location. We will do our best to prevent downtime as much as possible, but due to migration process users may experience occasional service downtime or instability for the next three days.

28 Jun 2011

New Pricing Model
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Starting June 1, 2011, 13:00 GMT our service deploys a new, more convenient and user-friendly pricing model.

The major changes are:

- You can now make any video anytime with Creation Points! No more restrictions on type of video or expiration time (previously 30 days). You simply purchase Creation Points and create any videos in whatever resolutions you need, whenever you need it.

- Videos that are marked with "Free" badge can now be created absolutely free once per day for all users!

- Former category "Free Intros" is now called "Famous Intros". Most of videos from this category are still available for free.

- You can create your favorite videos using Creation Points that you purchased earlier.

- Prices in Creation Points mostly remained unchanged, except for highest resolution: 1080p videos now cost 1000 CP.

- We appreciate all users who use and pay for our service. Due to the major changes on the website we decided to add 25% of whatever is the current balance of your account.

- All users who had active Bonus Access to the high-res videos in the Free Intros section will be able to use it as usual, according to the effective agreement when the Bundle was purchased.

- According to your numerous requests we enabled the Pro 10000 Creation Points Bundle. You can create up to ten videos in the highest resolution with this bundle! Which means, the cost of a single Full-HD video is only $3.5!

Hopefully, these changes will recieve positive feedback and VipID will become even more useful tool for video production and entertainment related tasks.

01 Jun 2011

New themes!
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We finally released new features and two new templates! Starting today, you can use your own images to create VipIDs.

You can find new templates HERE

We hope you like and find them useful.

By the way, right now we are getting prepared to release new templates with images.

Stay tuned!

05 May 2011

New version coming soon
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We are in the process of implementing and rolling out new features on vipidme.com, so the site might be unstable and occasionally go down to the maintenance mode. We are hoping to put final stable version by the May 3rd. We are sorry for the inconvenience but we're sure you'll absolutely love new version of the site. Thanks for using Vipidme.com!

26 Apr 2011

Website is back up
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We resolved all technical problems, everything should be working now. We are sorry for the downtime. Thanks for your patience.

18 Apr 2011

Technical problems.
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Technical problems on www.vipidme.com

17 Apr 2011

Changing free VipIDs creation for free users
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Due to increasing popularity and high demand of our service we've decided to change the way our new users can create free VipIDs.

18 Feb 2011

Create a review and be rewarded!
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Create a review or a tutorial about VipID and be rewarded!

20 Jan 2011

The new theme will arrive next weekend.
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Check for the new Lionsgate replica next weekend!

19 Jan 2011