Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

May the 2017 be awesome for you! Don't forget we have several intros for this occasion!

28 Dec 2016

It's here

New "Periodic Tab" theme is available now in "Snow Blue" and "Chem green" colors. Ready to cook ?

20 Nov 2016

I'll be back!

The new ivipids cooking will be unavailable from 5:00PM November, 9 till 5:00АM November, 10 and from 5:00PM November, 10 till 5:00АM November, 11. Sorry for that, we'll be back to normal when you wake up! (GMT time zone)

09 Nov 2016

Having some tech issues.

We'll try to fix it asap! Thanks for your understanding.

18 Oct 2016

Scary Music

We have just changed Scary Titles music theme. It sounds just like the old one but... This new gives us goosebumps ! Really, take a look.

18 Jul 2016


We just started to work on our most visually complex intro ever! There is a lot of heavy 3D graphics involved. And yes, it looks quite familiar too. So stay tuned, we are going to post some work in progress pictures soon. Aren't you afraid of spoilers?

06 Jun 2016


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06 Jun 2016

Bitcoin, baby!

Dear all, As it's been told, we're working on several more methods of payment and today we're happy to announce that the first part of this work is done: now you can also pay by ‎Bitcoins‬! This extremely popular form of digital currency is now here to help you create more videos! Start your ‪bitcoin madness‬ now!

26 Jan 2016

It's all about payments

Dear users, sorry to inform you that from this Sunday (January, 17) till Wednesday (January, 20) new payments cannot be processed due to technical reasons. Please, use your existing CPs. Only 4 days and you'll be able to buy new packages again :) Thank you for understanding!

16 Jan 2016