New servers added.

10 Feb 2015

Payments accepted.

04 Jan 2015

Servers maintenance.

29 Dec 2014

Good news everyone! We’ve just added two new blazing fast rendering servers based in Intel Core i7 4790K processors. Real beasts! So now we can cook your videos faster. And you know what ? There is three more powerful servers almost assembled. We are excited ! And you ?

Payments accepted. Since 2 January 2015 you can buy packages to produce your vipids once again. We still
have to disable “free” watermarked vipid production. But there is no restrictions for paid users. As soon as all of our servers setup properly and running we’ll open “free” low resolution vipids production again.

Finally. We found a new office space for our servers. Need some time to wire everything and power up.
There was no other time options for us, so it happens now. With new servers into New Year !

Bokeh Features
Torch Lady
Universal Sun
Shield in the sky
Jumping Lamp