300.000 videos done!

We did 300.000 videos. Thank you!

27 Aug 2012

Send your work and be rewarded!

Send us your home video, video greeting card, business presentation or your advertising video that starts with vipid intro and get your 10.000 creation points gift ! Tell your success story with vipid ! Show our users the ways they can use our service with the help of your sample videos!

15 Aug 2012

Temporary technical difficulties...

We are experiencing some technical difficulties at this moment. We are really sorry. Please stand by!

06 Aug 2012

100 points off of Full-HD Videos!

Good news - you can now make 1080p videos for only 900 points! This price is limited time only and can change anytime so hurry up!

27 Jul 2012

Price drop on packages!

Even more good news - we dropped prices on all packages! You can get 200 points for as little as 99 cents now! Check it out at pricing page. New prices are effective until the end of summer 2012.

27 Jul 2012

Another great intro available !

Another great intro is available, this time it’s "Columbia" style intro. Enjoy it and share on Facebook and Twitter !

16 Jul 2012

New intro available !

Hi there! New intro is available, this time it’s our rendition of football style intro. Hope you enjoy it and share on Facebook and Twitter !

11 Jul 2012

Hardware upgrade on vipid !

New vipid's cooking will be disabled for the next 24 hrs, because of installing new and more powerfull hardware.

02 Jun 2012

We are running half power.

We are running half power now because of technical failure. We are working on it.

16 Apr 2012

New sound. Old feeling.

We just changed audio track for our “Warner Bros.” style theme to the new one due to copyright restrictions. But hey, the new one sounds so good as the original !

15 Mar 2012